What to Expect During Your Annual Boiler Inspection

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What to Expect During Your Annual Boiler Inspection

If you have a commercial boiler, you know that routine maintenance is critical to keep it safe and reliable. That is where an annual boiler inspection is important. States, municipalities, and even federal regulations enforce boiler inspections to make sure they meet the appropriate safety standards. Inspection requirements change year by year, making boiler inspections even more important to regularly perform. 

Safe and careful managers usually perform maintenance tasks that go beyond the legally mandated minimum requirements for boiler ownership. At least once every year, companies look for boiler service professionals to examine all waterside and fireside surfaces. Additionally, it’s important to inspect refractory surfaces as well. This ensures that all scale, corrosion, and mud are removed in order to have the boiler functioning correctly. 

Look for Rust and Corrosion on the Fireside and Waterside

It is important to open up the fireside and waterside to look for scale, rust, and corrosion. If any of these are present, it is going to impact the efficiency of the boiler. Scale, rust, and corrosion form due to the minerals present in the water that react to the high heat located in the interior boiler and its pipes. 

Rust and corrosion may also be found in various valves, fittings, and other points of attachment. When an area becomes susceptible to corrosion, it could become too thin. As a result, the increased pressure within the boiler could lead to a leak or rupture. 

Inspect Tubes for Cracks and Fissures

It is also important to take a close look at the tubes. The tubes could develop cracks and scale over time. If scale and cracks are present, this could also impact the efficiency of the boilers. In order to take care of the tubes, it is important to conduct a blowdown every eight hours.

After this, the inspectors are going to take a closer look at the boiler. It is important to move accessories and items out the way to maximize space for them to take a closer examination at the gas pressure and combustion processes within the boiler. In order for the combustion process to take place properly, gas has to flow in the appropriate manner. The inspector will look at the gas pressure as well because the regulation valve controls the flow of the gas itself. Furthermore, the professional inspection agent is also going to make sure the combustion chamber is clean. If the combustion chamber is dirty, this could lead to problems and prevent the boiler from properly working. You may need to look for boiler maintenance services from professionals in your local area to clean your chamber and perform other tasks.

Inspecting the Control Panel and Ventilation

During the inspection, the control panel and ventilation are also going to be inspected thoroughly. Most boilers have a computerized control panel that needs to be regularly updated to maintain control over the boilers in use. The settings have to be working correctly and the thermostat has to be operating accurately. The inspector will take a closer look at the ventilation of the boiler as well. Since it serves as a major safety concern, it’s common for inspectors to conduct a test fire to make sure the boiler can fire safely. 

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