Steps to Startup and Shutdown a Cold Boiler System

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Steps to Startup and Shutdown a Cold Boiler System

Last month, we outlined the best practices for a safe start-up or shut down of a hot system, but if you have a cold system, ensuring a proper start-up and shut down is equally as important. Even though you want to bring the system online and quickly as possible, you need to make sure you do so safely. Otherwise, you could end up damaging your boiler system. What are a few steps you need to follow to bring your cold commercial boiler online? 

Steps to Startup and Shutdown a Cold Boiler System

Inspect the Cold Boiler System 

The first thing you need to do is inspect the boiler before re-commissioning it. It’s wise to have a checklist of items to ensure a comprehensive look at the system. A few areas you need to inspect include: 

  • Check the valves and system for any evidence of calcium deposits or leaks.
  • Check the expansion joints and make sure they can expand properly when the system warms up.
  • Take a look at the fuel supply. Make sure the pre-heating equipment is functional. Confirm the tank is full. If there is any firing gas, make sure the pressure is appropriate. 
  • Make sure all inspection openings have been properly gasketed and closed. 

After you complete these steps, you can move on to the next area. 

Open the Vents and Fill with Water

Next, you need to open up the boiler vents. Start with the manual boiler feed valve. Ensure all the blowdown valves are closed properly. Open the manual gas valves and make sure they are not leaking.

After this, you should fill the boiler with water. Make sure you fill it to the appropriate level based on the sight glass. When you do this, be sure to look at the boiler feed system. Make sure the pumps have been aligned properly, and look at the feed water valve for any signs of leaks or damage. 

Finally, you should take a look at the condensate transfer pumps throughout the system. Make sure they are working appropriately. 

Engage the Burner Switch

Now, you are ready to turn on the boiler. Engage the burner switch and turn on the control circuit. Start to warm the boiler slowly, and allow it to expand gradually. Keep an eye on the gauge glass on the low water cut-off. Make sure the proper level is met. 

As the boiler continues to warm up, make sure the operating systems are working properly. Take a look at the water softener and make sure that it is functional as well. Once the boiler is warmed up, switch it over to automatic operation.

Proper Cold Boiler Shut Down

Once you are ready to shut down your boiler, turn off the burner. Make sure you shut off the fuel supply to the boiler as well. If the superheater outlet drain valve is equipped, open this up.

Next, you should close the main steam stop valve. Make sure all the drains are open. Finally, shut down the entire boiler feed system. This will make sure you turn your boiler off properly.

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