Is Your Air Supply System Affecting Your Boiler Operation?

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Is Your Air Supply System Affecting Your Boiler Operation?

If your boiler system is not working properly, there could be a problem with its air supply. In order for your system to work appropriately, it must combust as it should. If it doesn’t have enough air, combustion cannot take place. A steady supply of air is essential for every combustion system. In your boiler system, the air pressure has to equalize the pressure inside and outside the boiler room. If there are inappropriate pressure changes, your boiler system may begin to malfunction. Some of the reasons why your air pressure might not be suitable include problems with soot buildup, carbon monoxide infiltration, maintenance issues, and other operational hazards. What do you need to know to ensure your boiler’s supply of air is appropriate?

Calculate the Amount of Air Your Boiler System Requires

First, you need to calculate the amount of air your boiler system requires. A good rule to follow is that you need approximately five square inches of airflow for every boiler horsepower. For example, if you have a boiler that is 80 horsepower, you need approximately 400 square inches of unrestricted airflow for your boiler to function properly. There are more advanced formulas if you want to pinpoint the amount of air you need, but as long as you have a regular, streamlined flow of fresh air, your boiler system should work appropriately.

The Location of Your Fresh Air Inlets

Once you make sure that your boiler has enough fresh air, you need to figure out where the inlets will be located. In general, there should be at least two permanent openings for a steady air supply around the room with the boiler in it. You need these openings to be on opposite sides of the room, and they should not be any more than seven feet above the ground. Some of the reasons why this is the ideal setup include:

  • It ensures that your boiler is able to cool properly.
  • The cooler air will be tempered before it enters the combustion system, allowing the boiler to work appropriately.
  • This type of arrangement will also promote appropriate air mixing in the boiler room.

Make sure that these openings are not obstructed in any way. Debris, pests, and objects can make it hard for clean air to flow smoothly. You may want to put a screen in front of the air inlet to prevent obstructions.

Test the System Regularly

You should also test the room regularly to make sure the supply of air is steady and consistent. All you have to do is open an exterior door. If you feel a lot of air rushing into the room, this is a sign that there is a serious problem. It means that your boiler room is under negative pressure, and it can impact the combustion of your system. In this case, it is recommended that you call a professional to help optimize your boiler room function.

Work With McKenna Boiler and Optimize Your Air Supply System

If you want your boiler to work properly, you must make sure it has a steady supply of air. That is where we can help you. We are McKenna Boiler, and we provide expert service repairs for a wide variety of boiler systems. Regardless of whether you are looking for a new boiler, or if you are looking to get your current boiler serviced, we can help you. A member of our team will work with you personally to make sure all of your needs are taken care of. Contact us today to speak to a member of our staff!

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