Common Boiler Issues and Solutions During Winter

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Common Boiler Issues and Solutions During Winter

As the temperature continues to drop outside, many business owners are familiar with the common utility issues that arise with their boiler. During the winter, boilers are more susceptible to leaks and breakages, especially under prolonged periods of inactivity. Oftentimes, winter conditions apply added stress on the boiler which affects productivity and performance. Therefore, it is important for business owners to be aware of some of the most common problems with boilers that might arise during the winter.

No Heat or No Hot Water

This is one of the most common problems that people might experience with their boiler during the winter. If there isn’t any heat or hot water coming from the boiler, there are a few possible problems that could be the cause. These include:

  • The circulator pump might be experiencing problems. If the circulator pump is running, then a trained professional will take a closer look at the surface of the pump to see if it is running hot. There are some cases where the circulator pump might not be running at all. Or, it might be overheating.
  • If the problem is not the circulator pump, then there might be an issue with the ignitor. If the ignitor is not working, then the boiler won’t light. There might also be a problem with the boilers pilot valve assembly. Trained professionals will take a look at the vent pipes and make sure there are no blockages.
  • There could also be an issue with the relay switch. If there is a buzzing sound coming from the boiler, then the control may not be operating correctly. This could prevent the boiler from operating the relay appropriately. To fix this problem, a trained professional can remove the control cover and fix this problem.

These are a few of the boiler problems that might be leading to a lack of heat or hot water coming from the boiler.

The Boiler Keeps Shutting Down During the Winter

If the problem is that the boiler seems to keep shutting down, then the problem might be frozen pipes. A buildup of condensation might also cause a blockage in the lines. If there is an error display on the thermostat or if there is an error display on the boiler itself, then this could be a sign that the pipes are frozen. There might also be a bubbling or gurgling sound coming from the pipes. Insulating the pipes during the winter can help prevent the pipes from freezing. Any pipe issue needs to be addressed immediately by boiler professionals who can assess and repair your boiler. 

The Boiler Is Too Noisy

One of the most common causes of a noisy boiler during the winter is something called kittling. This is similar to the sound that a tea kettle makes when it starts to boil. The culprit is usually lime that runs through the boiler. A trained professional can try to flush the boiler to fix this problem. If this doesn’t work, then the heat exchanged might need to be replaced.

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