Checklist of Monthly Industrial Boiler Maintenance Tasks

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Checklist of Monthly Industrial Boiler Maintenance Tasks

If you work in the industrial field, then you most likely have an industrial boiler that transfers heat from a fuel source and translates it into steam. You probably depend on this boiler on a daily basis and there is a good chance that your business would come to a halt if this boiler were to stop working. Even though you are trying to find ways to cut overhead costs, it is still critical for you to inspect this industrial boiler on a regular basis. This includes daily, monthly, and annual maintenance tasks. When thinking about the monthly maintenance of your industrial boiler, there are a few important tasks that you need to keep in mind.

Why Does Routine Maintenance Matter?

You might be asking yourself, if the boiler isn’t broken, then why should I even worry about it? There are several reasons why routine maintenance of your industrial boiler is so important:

  • By conducting routine, preventative maintenance, you might detect potential problems before they cause a bigger problem. That way, you can fix a problem before it balloons out of control, saving you money.
  • When you conduct routine maintenance, you can also increase the efficiency of your boiler. This means that it will generate more heat and power at a reduced utility cost to you and your business.
  • By investing in the routine maintenance of your industrial boiler, you can extend its life. That way, you can put off the expensive cost of replacing it.
  • These are just a few of the many reasons why routine maintenance of an industrial boiler is important. Now, it is time to look at monthly maintenance tasks.

Monthly Commercial Boiler Maintenance: The Checklist

Even though you might not have to inspect these items every day, it is important to at least review these parts of the boiler every month. These include:

  • Check the combustion air piping and flue gas vent piping for any signs of blockage, leaks, or deteriorations. If anything looks out of the ordinary, make a note of this for the professionals to inspect.
  • Look at the relief valve discharge pipe and the boiler relief valve for weeping or leaks.
  • Look at the burner’s diffuser for any signs of deformation, cracks, or burns.
  • Check the burner’s pilot tube and look at the pilot ignition for anything that looks unusual or deformed.
  • Inspect the valves of the burner for any signs of wear or slip. If there is significant deterioration, it would be wise to get your boiler repaired quickly.
  • Take a look at the lights and alarms. Ensure they function properly.
  • Inspect the modulating and operating controls and make sure they have the proper set point.
  • Finally, check the fireside surfaces and take water samples from the boiler to ensure the chemical levels are within the proper range. If anything is off, it is time to reach out to the professionals for help. That is where we come in.

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