Boiler Maintenance – What is Boiler Tuning?

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Boiler Maintenance – What is Boiler Tuning?

There are various tasks you can do to keep your boiler in top condition before reaching out to a boiler repair company. Routine maintenance for your boiler is essential to minimize the severity of problems that may arise in the future. When you get into the habit of routine maintenance for your boiler, you are rest-assured that it’s operating at its optimum efficiency level. This keeps both you and your employees safe while also saving you money on utility bills. One of the most important maintenance processes that need to be integrated in your maintenance routine is boiler tuning. Here are a few key points to note about this critical safety measure.

What Is Boiler Tuning?

Boiler tuning is a crucial maintenance item for everyone who owns a commercial boiler. This process is conducted to adjust the air to fuel ratio in the boiler to keep the boiler operating at its maximum efficiency. It measures how effectively the heat present in the fuel transfers into consumable energy used by the boiler.

Not only does boiler tuning maximize your boiler’s lifespan, it can help save production costs. This means that you will simultaneously enjoy an efficient boiler and save money on your utility bills. It’s a good idea to perform boiler tuning quarterly to ensure the boiler is operating at its highest level. Contact McKenna Boiler for an estimate on Quarterly maintenance and tuning to ensure that you are getting the most out of your boiler.

How Is Boiler Efficiency Measured?

During boiler inspection, the professionals will use these two key metrics to measure the level of efficiency:

  • Flue gas composition determines whether the fuel is actually being burned as efficiently as it should.
  • Flue gas temperature measures how much combustion heat is actually being transferred to the water that is present in the boiler.

In general, the efficiency of a boiler is going to increase by about 1 percent for every 15 percent reduction in the excess air that used to be present in the boiler. It is important to make sure the boiler is tuned on a regular basis to ensure these metrics are at a desired level.

What Other Maintenance Tasks Should Be Covered?

Without a doubt, boiler tuning is one of the most important processes that all boiler owners have to follow annually. At the same time, there are a number of other maintenance tasks that boiler owners need to accomplish on a regular basis as well. Listed below are some suggestions to help keep your boiler running safely and efficiently:

  • Having an annual boiler inspection completed to ensure that it meets all relevant safety guidelines.
  • Conducting a gas valve bubble test during the annual inspection to ensure these valves work properly without leaking.
  • Having the safety devices tested quarterly to ensure they working properly.
  • Daily house cleaning to ensure trash and debris are not blocking the combustion air inlet.
  • Conduct and log daily blowdowns at the beginning and end of each shift to ensure the TDS are correctly being removed.
  • Conduct and log daily column blowdowns at the beginning and end of each shift to ensure that the low water safety shut off is working safely and correctly.
  • Conducting a gas valve shut off test to make sure these valves work without leaking.

When boiler owners implement a good preventative maintenance program and complete their daily blowdowns and logs, they will not only keep their employees safe from harm but also save money on their utility bills and future maintenance. That is where McKenna Boilers can help.

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