Five Easy Boiler Maintenance Steps for Your Daily Routine


Five Easy Boiler Maintenance Steps for Your Daily Routine

If you own a boiler, you understand just how important it is to the overall success of your daily operations. At the same time, if you want to get the most out of your boiler system, you have to take care of it. That is why routine boiler maintenance is so important. There are several important steps that you should perform today if you want to maximize the efficiency and longevity of your boiler. By performing these simple steps, you can extend your boiler lifespan and schedule predictive boiler services before major issues arise. 

Five Easy Boiler Maintenance Steps to Perform Daily Routine Infographic

1. Invest in Routine Boiler Maintenance

Daily inspections are valuable when considering the return on investment for your boiler. Even though you may think the boiler is working well, routine maintenance helps operators identify any signs of leaks, breaks or other types of damage early-on. If a loose screw is significantly reducing performance output, the boiler loses its efficiency. Such minor details are often overlooked, but can significantly impact boiler performance. 

Furthermore, boiler maintenance can reduce utility costs by maintaining production levels. When the boiler requires more energy to spend generating the same target output, you’re operating at a loss. Alongside daily inspections, monthly boiler maintenance from a reliable boiler company ensures that the internal and external systems of the boiler are operating smoothly. Consider the frequency, duration and target output levels of your boiler when developing a custom maintenance schedule. 

2. Check the Waterside

Next, you have to check the water components of your boiler. You are looking for any mineral scale that might reduce the efficiency of your boiler. Any type of blockage within the pipes will affect production levels. If it takes more energy for the boiler to push the hot water or steam, this can be an indicator that the pipes have build up. Check the tubes, furnace area, and gasket sealing surfaces. If you lack the tools to perform these inspections, reach out to a professional who is well-equipped for these types of exams. 

3. Check the Fireside and Burners

Additionally, you also have to check the fireside and burners. You are looking for any signs that might reduce the efficiency of your boiler. You should also take a look for any leakage that would require repair. If you notice a lot of soot, this could indicate a larger problem. You also need to take a look at the dampers, electrodes, novels, hoses, scanners, and diffusers. You are looking for any signs of blockage or erosion. If there are worn or damaged parts, they should be replaced in order to optimize the efficiency of your boiler’s combustion processes. 

4. Do a Visual Inspection for Cracks

You should also take a step back and do a visual inspection, looking for any signs of cracks. Even minor cracks can significantly reduce the efficiency of your boiler, adding to the stress on the inner components. This can also drive up your utility bills. If there are cracks, metal parts could also be damaged. When seeking professional boiler technicians to repair, make sure they use a high-quality patching compound. That way, these cracks do not return.

5. Analyze the Controls

Finally, you also have to analyze the controls. Proper water levels are critical for operational safety and maximum efficiency. Therefore, take a look at the glass on the gauges. Look for any signs of cracks or erosion. You also need to inspect the equipment, taking a closer look at their output. That way, you will know if something goes wrong. If one of the controls isn’t reading accurately, this indicates that there is a deeper issue in your boiler system. That is where we can assist you. 

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While boiler tips and guides can be found online, having a resource readily available to perform these tasks can be difficult. We always encourage boiler owners to be proactive in predictive maintenance. However, we understand that they’re a time commitment that is of lower priority when things are going well. In order to minimize boiler damage and complete failure, you should invest in professional boiler services. McKenna Boiler proudly serves clients nationwide with turnkey solutions. Alongside our exclusive line of industrial boilers, we also offer boiler maintenance and boiler repairs for all boiler types. Contact us to schedule routine maintenance and inspections with our certified technicians to maintain your boiler’s overall health and performance.

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