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About the Job

The following is a job description applicable to our experienced Boilermakers:

  • Experience with operation of boilers, pumps and boiler ancillary equipment.
  • Capable of performing maintenance on boilers, pumps and ancillary equipment.
  • Must be certified in the 6G welding position and able to be certified as an employee of our company.
  • Must be capable of performing repairs on boilers and pressure vessels according to ASME Code of Construction and NBIC procedures.
  • Repair and/or replace refractory, gaskets, parts, and miscellaneous valves.
  • Perform hydrostatic pressure testing of boilers and pressure vessels.
  • Opening and inspection of boilers, with the understanding of the design and construction.
  • Capable of identifying telltale signs of potential problems with boilers and pressure vessels, i.e.: tube leakage, scaling, pitting, metals discoloration and refractory failures.
  • Cleaning of the fire and watersides along with installing new gaskets. Performing refractory repairs and replacement.
  • Knowledge in water treatment and how it relates to operation of the equipment. Capable of identifying potential problems when lack of water treatment is performed.
  • Troubleshooting of the valves and safety devices.
  • Capable of reading and understanding mechanical drawings. Along with the ability to make modifications to the equipment per these drawings.
  • Capable of pipe fitting to ASME, state and local codes.
  • Evaluate basic boiler room systems (steam and hydronic), gather information and help solve problems.
  • Must be detail oriented in completing work orders, all required forms, summaries, and checklist daily or as required in procedures manual.
  • Must have strong language skills as well as industry specific vocabulary.
  • Must have very strong reasoning and problem solving skills.

Education & Experience Requirements

Completed High school diploma or equivalent. Two years of technical school, community college or trade school. Position requires five years of related experience in the industry. Pipe fitting experience is a plus.

Pay: $27 - $60 hourly

McKenna Boiler Works, Inc. is a 100 year old rapidly growing forward thinking turnkey solution provider for customers with steam or hot water needs. We have a great team of individuals that bring a variety of backgrounds to our manufacturing, service, mechanical and rental businesses. We are looking for top tier talent to help lead this company in achieving it's goals.

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